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Social Responsibility

Committed in giving back to the society

Arimaan Global Consulting always strives to take part in the growth of the society. We strictly comply with the local laws of the society in which we co-exist. Our strategy to achieve the objective has the social aspects of business deep rooted in it. Arimaan maintains its activities inline with the interest of the society.

responsible in supporting the society
As a role model, we are always first in complying with changing demands of the society through constant monitoring. We always practice equality in employment that makes it the worlds best place to work. Arimaan enjoys the benefits and privileges of the society in which it exist. In return, Arimaan is always committed to give back benefits to the society.
contributing to the community growth
Arimaan recognize the importance of environment and its effect on the society. Arimaan has decided to make its future development centers to completely comply with green project norms due to the environmental factors. From the beginning, we are committed to eliminate the usage of non-recyclable materials such as plastic objects, polythene bags and many more within our office environment.
building the corporate social responsibility

From the date of inception, we are supporting the underprivileged sections of the society. We promote awareness about a social cause within our organization. Arimaan Global Consulting encourages employees in volunteering their time to support the local community. We also make a direct contribution in the form of cash to a charity.





The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.

- Vincent Lombardi

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