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Travel industry faces the challenges of providing improved travel experience, improve relationships with traveler, and managing costs. Arimaan's hospitality solution improves the efficiency of the internal and external operations of the travel industry through effective automation of the business processes. We provide complete travel and transportation solution to reduce the operational cost, improve profitability and productivity, and increase the customer satisfaction.

powerful combination of technology and deep knowledge deliver productivity and flexibility

Arimaan has the expertise and experience in executing projects for hospitality clients. Our innovative travel solutions solves all business issues and improves the business process of travel industry. Proven quality process and vast knowledge base in hospitality industry provides business value to outperform your competition.

travel and transportation industry segments

Arimaan provides innovative technology solutions to increase competitive advantage, reduce costs and improve performance of the transportation company. We provide solutions for all the segments of hospitality industry that includes travel agencies, airlines, train stations, bus depots, cruise lines, hotels, car rental agencies, and other travel related organizations.

technology solutions that transforms enterprise
  • Application development - Arimaan's proven quality process combined with advanced technologies provide high quality application development services. Our experience and expertise in executing large development project deliver timely results that eliminate uncertainity.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) - Our CRM solution helps to increase the customer retention, achieve exceptional return on investment and deliver excellent results. Customer-centric CRM creates profitable customer relationship and improves business performance through effective customer management.
  • Portal - Arimaan provide an end-to-end portal solution with best of breed technology that leverage the company's existing investment. Sophisticated portal solutions deliver cost savings, increase productivity, and improve efficiency.
  • Enterprise application integration (EAI) - Arimaan EAI solution helps you to build the future EAI business solutions. Our expertise in EAI deliver exceptional results to solve the common integration problems.





Travel and Transportation

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