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Superior telecommunication solutions to stay ahead of competition

Today's telecommunications industry faces the challenges of competition and changing market to improve the profitability and retain customers. Arimaan's superior business solutions combined with architectural approach deliver value to telecommunication vendors worldwide. Next generation technology solution from Arimaan reduces the complexity and increases the customer satisfaction. We create competitive edge for the business through our high-tech solutions and technical expertise.

delivering performance to achieve winning results

Arimaan provides legacy application maintenance and support services for telecom service providers to reduce operation cost and lower cost of ownership. Highly scalable VoIP billing solution for VoIP solution providers improves customer service and customer satisfaction. Total network management solution combined with industry expertise and methodology improves agility of the company. Arimaan specializes in VoIP solution for wide range of mobile devices. Our SIP soft clients exploit instant messaging, voice and video conferencing features of SIP.

next generation business solution improve agility
  • Telecom solution to improve business agility of the company.
  • Consulting expertise and experience provide complete end-to-end solution throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Flexible and extensible solution to streamline the business process.
  • Arimaan provides complete end-to-end best of breed telecom solutions to improve productivity.
improve flexibility & leverage existing investments
  • Mobile VoIP and Mobile Commerce Solution
  • Application Development and Maintenance and Support Services
  • Enterprise Testing Services; Security and Storage Solution
  • Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Data Integration and Analytics Services
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management
  • Systems Integration and Data Migration Services






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