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Enhancing learning through the application of technology

E-Learning is the technological innovation and the best cost effective substitute for the classroom based training. An integrated eLearning system personalize the learning experience by transforming the delivery of training methods of an organization. eLearning leverages the power of internet to improve collaboration and information sharing within the organization.

collaborative eLearning with difference
  • eLearning combined with multimedia reduces the training period compared with the other training methods.
  • eLearning delivers better results by reaching more intended audiences than the traditional classroom based training.
  • Instant access to the training content at the user convenience is provided by eLearning.
  • Technological advancement in telecommunication and high speed internet has made e-learning as the best training method for workforce.
going beyond training
  • Our eLearning solutions are very mature and innovative that delivers effective learning experience to achieve high ROI.
  • We have rich experience is providing eLearning solutions to clients from various industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial and educational sectors.
  • Our eLearning solution provides competitive edge in leveraging the intellectual asset of an organization and increases productivity and business value.
  • Our complete e-learning service offerings includes technology services, consulting and content delivery.
  • We provide a true e-learning solution including analyzing learner needs, tracking, monitoring, reporting and collaboration of training.
  • As eLearning project demands high quality, we have developed an innovation project execution process called HighTense model, that ensures high quality product delivery at less time.
eLearning solution for business excellence

Arimaan provides complete end-to-end e-learning solution which includes course structure, multimedia content, assessments, development, systems integration, hosting and maintenance, virtual classrooms, powerful content management system and efficient reporting capabilities to track the effectiveness of the training.





E-Learning Solutions

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

- John F. Kennedy

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