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Enterprise collaboration Solution: How Microsoft looks, What Microsoft offers?

Future of collaboration technology Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Enterprise collaboration is the interaction between people and the information in an efficient way. It means "the use of technology to improve and extend the abilities of system and business to collaborate”. Using Microsoft SharePoint 2010/MOSS 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010/2007 as its foundation Arimaan Global Consulting has created applications that can maximize customer business processes.

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010/MOSS 2007 Services

  • Website
  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Workflow
  • Business Intelligence


Microsoft SharePoint 2010/MOSS 2007 incorporates all the functionality of WSS in adding up to extending enterprise portal features. Microsoft SharePoint 2010/MOSS 2007 is an incorporated suite of server applications that improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive control over electronic content. SharePoint is designed to facilitate the storage and collaboration of large documents and list items. SharePoint offers the ability to link to external sources such as file shares and external documents located outside SharePoint. Versioning is functionality that allows you to save and revert back to a historical representation of a document or item inside a SharePoint list or library.


SharePoint document libraries offer exceptional capabilities beyond that of traditional file folders and shares. Microsoft SharePoint 2010/MOSS 2007 provides robust out-of-box features for effective document management across the enterprise. SharePoint facilitates the transfer of knowledge by allowing disconnected individuals to collaborate in a more effective and efficient way than ever before, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating better-informed decisions and information-sharing across boundaries.

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Enterprise Collaboration Solution: Across the room or round the world, success is much more related to the client support and the business community acceptance of the technology solution.
–Chairman, Arimaan Global Consulting

SharePoint’s enterprise feature is its ability to integrate with other Microsoft Products. Functionalities of SharePoint, which improve business value for customers


  • Microsoft InfoPath forms can be hosted within form libraries
  • SharePoint has the ability to integrate with all Microsoft Office tools
  • SharePoint has features of collaboration with other enterprise applications
  • VSTO programming for Microsoft Office tools
  • Enterprise collaboration with Office Communications Server and Microsoft Commerce Server
  • Enterprise search
  • Integrating with Microsoft Outlook for enhanced operations
  • Web Part development
  • BI integration
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Arimaan Global Consulting offers a suite of Enterprise Collaboration offerings with Microsoft SharePoint 2010/MOSS 2007 at the core

  • SharePoint site development and integration of a client’s business as per business requirement
  • Development and deployment in the planned environment
  • Creating views for Business Data representation
  • Custom VSTO programming for enhancing Microsoft office tools functionally to improve customer business
  • Customized workflows for business processes design and implementation using forms
  • Reusable Web Part development and deployment
  • Cross platform data integration with SharePoint





SharePoint Solution

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