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Windows Mobile

Arimaan Mobile Services for Microsoft Windows Mobile delivers winning solutions

Arimaan mobile services for Microsoft Windows Mobile will help to accelerate your enterprise to mobility, increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and power your business to run from everywhere.


Companies ranging from small to large are looking for the technology partner to build innovative Windows Mobile applications by leveraging the powerful capabilities of Windows Mobile platform.


  • Faster access to information
  • Highly flexible and adaptive
  • Out performs competition
  • Reduces manageability cost

Arimaan Global Consulting is the first and best choice when it comes to building and deploying enterprise end-end Windows Mobile solutions. Arimaan mobile services for Windows Mobile offers enterprise ready secure Mobile solutions for Microsoft Windows Pocket PCs and Microsoft Windows Smartphones to improve business performance and out perform the competition. Arimaan mobile services makes you to experience the next generation of powerful windows mobile applications.

windows mobile solutions

Our worldwide customers turn to Arimaan Global Consulting for developing and managing Windows Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC applications and services to achieve competitive edge in mobile computing.


The Windows Mobile application services offered by Arimaan Global Consulting to its customers are

  • Mobile commerce - In this category the application services offered are mobile banking, mobile advertising, mobile payment and so on.
  • Mobile enterprise - In this category the application services offered are real-time job scheduling, mobile collaboration and communication, and ERP and SCM with extended mobile support.
  • Mobile entertainment - In this category the services offered are mobile gaming, online game, online music and movie services and so on.
  • Mobile data services - In this category the services offered are GPS based services and so on.


We have the experience and expertise to develop Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones applications with salient features such as user-friendly GUI, high security, low storage space, low network bandwidth and less computing power.

service excellence

Arimaan mobile team provide innovative services to produce definite business results. We deliver enterprise mobility solutions architected and desinged based on the industry standards design patterns and practices for windows mobile. Our proven process and methods delivers guaranteed business value at less cost.

  • Flexible software platform for extending the existing business system.
  • Improved return on your investment.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and revenue.
  • Reduced cost and time-to-market.
  • Increased performance and optimization.


Our Microsoft Technology professional is recognised as Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft for the exceptional technical expertise and technical contributions made to the community world.







Windows Mobile

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